DampRid Moisture Absorber

DampRid is the Brand of W M Barr Inc of  Memphis Tenesee.
It is a deliquessant product based on Calcium Chloride's chemical properties.

It's ideal for using in Cupboards such as Wardrobes, Kitchen Units, Pantries, Walk in Dressing Rooms, Bathrooms and many more.
You can find more information at www.dampridsa.com which is specific to South Africa or www.damprid,com which is the USA site. It will absorb the excess Damp and thereby prevent and largely eliminate problems of Musty Smells, Mould and Mildew, replacing them with a healthy freshness.
Subtle fragrances of Lavender-Vanilla , Citrus and Fresh Scent are available.

ODN Accessories cc have been distributing DampRid for 4 years now and it's filling a very real need for Cupboard Care.

DampRid users will typically use the product in more than one location in the Home. Until the barrier packaging is opened the Calcium Chloride will not start to work so it's quite OK to purchase a case and open each unit one at a time.

You'll find that the pricing is very competitive, after all you'll be buying at wholesale prices Delivered to your door.

We look forward to serving you.